Saturday, September 17, 2005

Our Friends, the Israelis

One country the US has always assumed to be closest to us is Israel, for any number of reasons, sentimental and practical alike. That's why I was surprised by the strong tone of this editorial last Monday in Ha'aretz.

George Bush is without doubt the most terrifying president America has ever had. Now one can sit in the submerged streets of New Orleans and cry a river of tears over the fate of a human race that has him as its leader. ...

What is so frightening about him and his leadership? ...Instead of running the world and its inhabitants, as one may expect of the leader of the free world, Bush acts as someone who is reinventing the world on a mission from God.

As a first step in fixing the world, the president several years ago refused to sign the Kyoto treaty. If the costs of fixing it are too high, then the world can go to hell. ...The world can revert to a state of chaos - so long as the messenger does not violate his covenant with the Divine Providence and with the supervisors down below. It may very well be that the warming of the oceans contributed to Katrina, but who is going to tell a shepherd what is good for his flock while it is drowning in a flood?

While "the fixer" has been on the job, there has been a breakdown of the world order, which is intended to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. ...

The world according to Bush is now more polarized than ever. A new poll that was released last week indicates that a decisive European majority - approximately 72 percent - rejects his policies and does not trust him. And how could it trust him, if this coming winter everyone will be paying to heat their homes twice or more what they paid before he took the reins? The global oil market has gone crazy. It goes without saying that the aforementioned homes would be heated only by those who own a home and a car, not those wallowing in life's dunghill under a blackened sky.

During his presidency global terror raised up its ugly head, and when he suppressed it, it only spread further. That is what happens when you only strike a blow, but do not attempt to heal.

Under the leadership of the fastest gun in the West, the United States has proved to the entire world that it has no one to rely upon, and no one to take example from. Even America's own poor do not take precedence. In the prisons of Baghdad and Guantanamo, America's image as the sentinel of human rights has been shattered. And in the graveyards of America, so has its image as a country that offers a good life. And America's reputation has even suffered in Beijing and New Delhi, for even there they do not envy the morbidity and mortality rates of American babies, as publicized last week by the Washington's central bureau of statistics.

If even Israel finds the US Administration to be so lacking, then we indeed are in trouble. Unfortunately, many American citizens aren't aware of just how far we have fallen. Even more unfortunately, the current maladministration doesn't seem to care.


Blogger Eli said...

And how could it trust him, if this coming winter everyone will be paying to heat their homes twice or more what they paid before he took the reins?

Well, see, therein lies the forward-thinking genius of the accelerate-global-warming strategery!

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