Saturday, April 21, 2007

Maybe You Ought to Go Plough The Backyard

Bloody diarrhea anyone?

As I have previously posted and at the risk of being borrrrriiiiinnnnngggggg.

The Agriculture Department has decided the public interest is quaint. You are expendable. You did tell the IRS that when you filed your income taxes, whether you paid or had it deducted so you filed for an (interest free) return, right?

'E Coli conservatives' is the term being coined at correntewire.

California and Pennsylvania are the most affected in the latest recall.

Recall was cited 74 times in the AG's answers to questions in the hearings Thursday.

We are definitely looking at a situation where the entire nation is in the hands of an element that is only interested in political gain. It is poisoning us all.

As my computer is being cranky, I can't give you the relevant portions of the beef recall, just recommend you click on the above cite and read for yourself. You can't trust this government for safety of any kind.

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