Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Birdblogging

What the bird you may see looks like. We have some birders in search of a bird.

From comes a plea to let these birders know of any sighting you have, or know of, of the Orange-breasted Falcon, some of you southwesterners may have a chance to see one.

From the birders at Cornell:

The Orange-breasted Falcon is a rare raptor of tropical forests historically ranging from southern Mexico south to Argentina. This species has been disappearing over much of its known range, and conservationists are looking for answers. Orange-breasted Falcon is now being raised in captivity and released back into the wild at historically occupied areas in an attempt to augment the wild populations. Help us pinpoint some of these areas by contributing your observations of this species. Researchers at eBird are interested in organizing all known sightings of this species in order to help visualize both its historic and current distributions. Your sightings can help researchers monitor these amazing and rare birds and help provide a better understanding of their biological requirements and current distribution. These data will be made available to researchers through eBird and the Avian Knowledge Network. To participate in this effort please send your sightings to Please include as much information as possible, including date, location (lat/long preferred), number, age/sex and behavior. If you have questions you can email us directly at Brian Sullivan or Chris Wood. Your observations are valuable, and at eBird we're helping put your data to work for bird conservation!


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