Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tell Us What You Really Think

Watching the spectacle of the GOP fighting against the public in any way it can to keep from allowing any credit to the Dems, it's nice to find a nice tirade about the right wing's lack of any slightest trace of honesty.

After the latest Republican debate in Florida sponsored by Hispanic television, who can trust anything passing the lips of these guys?

New lows in pandering for Hispanic votes were achieved. Only Congressman Ron Paul showed any backbone by suggesting the United States normalize relations with tiny Cuba.

We favor communist China and Vietnam but continue to hate Fidel Castro, who's half a banana peel away from perdition. Ridiculous.

Tough guy on illegal immigration Mitt Romney brought milk and cookies to the debate. Sen. John McCain was even worse. These guys can and will stay anything to get control of the White House.

Romney's religion speech is worth no more than a treasure seeker dropping a smooth stone into a hat and conjuring up a fable.

Tom Tancredo wisely abstained.

During the Nevada debate, Sen. McCain made a good case against torture and then surrendered the moral high ground by failing to hold anyone - Bush/Cheney - accountable.

Mitt Romney wouldn't even admit that water-boarding was torture.

Cambodia's Pol Pot would love these guys.

One can only wonder if Sen. McCain will keep singing ``Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran'' now that the latest National Intelligence Estimate says Iran canceled a nuclear weapon program in 2003.

Bush says we don't torture, but destroyed CIA tapes say otherwise.

Evangelicals desiring no separation between church and state had better be careful what they wish for. War hawks and buzzards sometimes masquerade as Christian doves of peace.

That was a letter to the editor from Gary M. Bourret, published in Bloomington, IL's, yesterday, and I'm proud of their honesty for publishing it.

How can an entire party choose the lowest standards it can find as it's character? Lies are supposed to be an embarrassment not a source of pride. But this group of war criminals thinks it's going to make a memorable legacy out of these tactics. They're using all the diplomacy of a kindergartener in going all out to get their way.

In the Senate, a stalemate that has no higher purpose than keeping the public shut out has brought about an atmosphere of complete rancor.

Mr. Reid faults the president as making it almost impossible to pass legislation, recently accusing him of “pulling the strings on the 49 puppets he has here in the Senate.”

More generally, Mr. Reid’s feelings echo the disdain for Mr. Bush held by many Democrats around the nation.

If there is one origin of Mr. Reid’s feelings, it would be Mr. Bush’s approval in 2002 of a plan to store nuclear waste in Mr. Reid’s home state at Yucca Mountain, 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Mr. Reid had expected Mr. Bush to oppose the plan.

Afterward, he accused Mr. Bush of lying and told him, “You sold out on this.”
“He is impossible to work with,” the senator said.

'Impossible' dignifies the cretin in chief's behavior 'way more than is deserved. Mental and moral cripple would sound more perfectly descriptive and logical to me.

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