Thursday, January 24, 2008

Don't Look Now

[Note: This post is actually by Ruth, but she is having some very odd computer problems, so I'm putting it up for her.]

Remember the agreement with North Korea that the occupied White House was touting for a big success not so long ago? As I noted recently, hey, on December when PyongYang was supposed to produce a list of all its nuclear facilities, Nothing Happened. Except when Ms. Perino announced how disappointed we are that nothing was produced, North Korea replied that they had indeed produced a list. If you have noticed, Nothing since has been said.

Surprise, it seems that North Korea did indeed produce that list.

On Jan. 2, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said the United States was still "waiting to hear" from the North. Pyongyang responded that the United States had its declaration. After some tail-chasing, it emerged that North Korea had quietly shared an initial declaration with the United States in November. According to media reports, this declaration stated that North Korea had a separated plutonium stockpile of 30 kilograms and denied that it had a uranium enrichment program.

If you are as astonished as I am that a communication of this importance was not taken any notice of, you too have yet to accept that we are in possession of a fully nonfunctional government.

Recently word got out that the cretin in chief is in the process of formulating an agreement with his puppet government in Iraq to establish our U.S. presence for an indeterminate period. Something tells me that agreement is about to join North Korea's list and emails relating to Valerie Plame's outing by the executive branch.

I do indeed wonder what else the worst administration ever is plowing under for us to fall over after they are gone. I know as well as you do that it will not be a nice surprise.

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