Thursday, January 24, 2008

How Surprising

Apparently the Democrats in Congress still haven't learned anything about how this White House operates. Either that, or they are remarkably good actors. This time they are surprised, nay, shocked! that the White House continues to push a nominee for a senior level Justice Department position after the Senate has refused to confirm several times before. The nominee, Steven G. Bradbury, apparently wrote some legal opinions ("classified", naturally) in support of using torture techniques on detainees. From today's NY Times:

The Justice Department lawyer who wrote a series of classified legal opinions in 2005 authorizing harsh C.I.A. interrogation techniques was renominated by the White House on Wednesday to a senior department post, a move that was seen as a snub to Senate Democrats who have long opposed his appointment. ...

But the earlier nominations stalled in the Senate because of a dispute with the Justice Department over its failure to provide Congress with copies of legal opinions on a variety of terrorism issues. Under Senate rules that place a time limit on nominations, Mr. Bradbury’s earlier nominations expired.

Late last year, Democrats urged the White House to withdraw Mr. Bradbury’s name once and for all and find a new candidate for the post after it was disclosed in news reports in October that he was the author of classified memorandums that gave approval to harsh interrogation techniques, including head slapping, exposure to cold and simulated drowning, even when used in combination.
[Emphasis added]

Mr. Bradley's nomination has been rejected several times, primarily because the White House has refused Congress's request for copies of those and other legal opinions having to do with "harsh interrogation techniques," the current euphemism for torture. OK, a proper response. But the current Democratic-led Congress should not feign surprise at the White House renomination of Mr. Bradbury. Mr. Bush knows that sooner or later the Democrats will cave and the nominee will be confirmed. He isn't issuing a "snub" to Congress, he is showing his profound disrespect for them.

In the mean time, all of those congresscritters with hurt feelings are scurrying around trying to put together an economic stimulus plan that Mr. Bush will sign. The White House will get what it wants (including making the tax cuts for the wealthy permanent), which is not necessarily what the people of America need.

But hey!, it's all good because it's bipartisan!

361 days to go.

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