Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Environmental = Votes (Remember "No Nation Building"?)

The world has entirely won on the Global Climate change issue, for now. It's so obvious, this isn't going to last past the 20th of January, 2009, if another winger gets into office. While McCain kept his maverickness in play as long as he took stands like environmentalism, his catering to the right wing has won out.

The environmental legislation the wingers are hanging their stars on isn't at all what we need. After the past 7+ years, remedial work is needed.

Politico reports on the divide between John McCain and other Republicans on climate change:

By contrast, the debate on a bipartisan climate change bill sponsored by Sens. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) and John Warner (R-Va.) offers McCain a chance to stake out a position different from the president's and see if his party will follow. The catch is that many Republicans are uncomfortable with McCain's talk of a cap-and-trade program for reducing carbon emissions.

"John McCain was into climate change before it was cool," [Sen. Lindsey] Graham said. "But that's the one issue where the majority of the conference may go the other way.".

Conservatives hope that McCain will back a more market-based approach rather than the government mandates on carbon emissions that are part of the central Senate proposal.

"We're starting to see a coming together on energy," said Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.). "Hopefully, he can help us find a position between Warner-Lieberman and where we are as conservatives."
And of course there's likely to be input from James Inhofe and pals that will discourage any climate action whatsoever. Fun times on the Hill in the next few weeks.

There is no doubt that the wingers are not warding off the end of the world, it would be contrary to their beliefs. With the vote for McCain depending on their support, the balance is very much against the world. And the world can't wait.

As recently as July 2007, the administration submitted a report to the United Nations that omitted any discussion of how global warming will affect wildfires, heat waves, agriculture or snowpack.

Moss, who led the U.S. Climate Change Science Program coordination office during both the Clinton and Bush administrations, praised the program for producing the analysis, which is part of a long-delayed series of official climate reports. "At the same time," he added, "we all need to be looking at how the administration now intends to use the results of this information, because it really is worrisome."

The researchers said that of 1,598 animal species examined in more than 800 studies, nearly 60 percent were found to have been affected by climate change.

In addition, the number and frequency of forest fires and insect outbreaks are "increasing in the interior West, the Southwest, and Alaska," while "precipitation, stream flow, and stream temperatures are increasing in most of the continental United States" and snowpack is declining in the West.

The attitude of My Way or the Highway has become entrenched in the right wing, and is only going to be expelled when its congressional delegation is. The influence on McCain makes very evident that the world can't survive another administration of this ilk.

The world is very busy trying to offset the damage the war criminals have done. It may not stand by and wait if the damages continue.

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