Thursday, May 29, 2008

Permanent Campaigning

I watched Scotty McClellan this a.m. talking about wanting to influence the campaign by publishing his book "What Happened" - which maintains that the worst administration ever was ruined by losing its original effort to Unify in the permanent campaign. I am laughing humorlessly, so he wants to ... campaign. Okay, I don't have to beat that on the head any more than that, do I? But I'm not going to look at this revelation of his experience as being totally occasioned by need of the book's dollar returns. I'd be surprised if the White House desertion of his mom's campaign for governor in Texas wasn't part of the motivation, but motivation for John Dean was pretty mixed as well.

This nightmare for America beat Gore because of the impeachment of Clinton, I have concluded. The impeachment which was the result of a politicizing Ken Starr finally finding a tiny shred that had nothing to do with what he was in his office to uncover, and had nothing to do with administering the country. With that shred, he embarrassed the president who had given this country a halcyonic era into lying. And then the GoPervs, led by Newt while he was involved in an affair, impeached the country. Maybe you may argue with that interpretation, but it was the country disserved by voting on political cynicism for impeachment of a good president who served his country well. Serving the country well has been the farthest from the wingers' intentions ever since. The impeachment did serve as a crowbar to pry the religious right wing into the GoPerv camp which took them over the top with vote counts.

Using their majority in Congress which was enabled by the impeachment, the GoPervs shut out all opposition and spent like drunken sailors, with apologies to drunken sailors. The treasury was turned into a right wing ATM.

They put political hacks into positions of responsibility, turning departments of the government into campaign offices. The constitution became a laughing matter, the rights of American citizens laughed at, all of this decency and law "quaint". They took us into war and paid for it by borrowing. In carrying out the war they used torture and ended habeas corpus, the basic right of anyone to defend him/her self. The reputation of the U.S. in the world was destroyed by their activities. The rule of law was ended, and the judiciary has been so stuffed with political hacks that the necessity for reform is overwhelming.

While doing so they ended any ethics barrier by disabling the committee in Congress which has held members to basic standards of behavior, enabling their worst element to take money directly and carry on far worse behavior than their impeached president.

None of this did the country any good. Back to Scotty, wanting to effect the campaign. Then he went on to point out that McCain had also begun to talk about change.

The words of the party of the right have been shown to be meaningless. Belaboring the point I was making yesterday, anyone who takes this party of powerhappy thieves at its word, is literally crazy.

I will give Scotty the benefit of the doubt, as he is now confirming what the DFHs have been saying since before 2000 - the right can't be trusted. Maybe he will regain his soul and become the latest John Dean. I would love him to testify truthfully, either in impeachment proceedings or at the Hague.

As clear evidence of lying from the start, all anyone needs is the cretin in chief's own words in the beginning:

I have set and I will continue to set a tone that seeks to unify not divide," Bush told supporters celebrating his landslide re-election."I will work to include, not exclude.

This country needs badly to gain back control of its government. The Democrats aren't perfect, but they keep working for the public interest. More like Scotty's change of heart will be forthcoming. The press can't continue to accept lies anymore.

Good for you, everyone who finds out that the truth will out, and they have to tell it.


Got to give a special mention for GoPerversion to Mickey Levy, Chief Economist at the Bank of America, speaking at the National Governors' Association meeting on Foreclosures and Housing yesterday, ""the current rate of homeownership is too high" considering the underlying fundamentals. He later said he didn't mean to sound as if he were against motherhood, applie pie, homeownership and that kind of stuff. He barely avoided saying Touchy, Feely.

These are sick people.

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