Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chat With Seminal Posters

This from Jason Rosenbaum and Alex Thurston, fellow posters at The Seminal:

Tomorrow at 8 pm, Alex Thurston (back in the United States after a summer abroad) and myself will be talking politics as part of MyOooVoo Day.

Basically, Alex and I will be around from 8 pm to 9 pm EST, and anybody who downloads the free ooVoo software can call in and chat with us. We'll be broadcasting live, and then hopefully we'll have the entire chat recorded so we can post it up here when we're done.

The events are going on all week. Here's a list of the hosts:

* Adriana Maestas, Marisa Trevino & Edmundo Rocha/Latino Politics Blog, Latina Lista & XicanoPwr
* Albert Maruggi/Provident Partners
* Arlene Fenton/Black Women Vote
* Baratunde Thurston/goodCRIMETHINK
* Eric Roston/Carbon Nation
* Eileen Smith & Mike Chapman/In The Pink Texas & Every Dot Connects
* Erin Kotecki Vest/Queen of Spain
* Jason Rosenbaum/The Seminal
* Joanne Bamberger, Glennia Campbell & Stefania Pomponi Butler/PunditMom, The Silent I & City Mama
* L.N. Rock/African American Political Pundit
* Leslie Carbone
* Liza Sabater/Liza Sabater, culturekitchen, Daily Gotham
* Mary Katherine Ham/HamBlog
* Matt Parker/Political Buzz
* Morra Arons/Women and Work
* Nicco Mele/EchoDitto
* Robert Millis & Will Coghlan/Hudson Street Media
* Todd Zeigler/The Bivings Report

So call in tomorrow at 8, and come with a good question!



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