Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Negotiation Is In Order

The refusal of the occupied White House to negotiate with other nations has recently been winding down as the policy resulted in nothing but failure. With North Korea at last being allowed off the idiotic 'Axis of Evil' designation, some thawing is occurring in the U.S. relations with that country. Soon we may even be back to the state we were in when this worst administration ever came into office in 2000.

In returning to some degree of sanity in negotiating with Iran, this country may well be reacting to ongoing incidents of detention of those with good relationships with the U.S., as well as to the threat of nuclear capabilities.

A human rights group is calling on Iran to release immediately or charge two doctors renowned for their work on the prevention and treatment of HIV/Aids.

Human Rights Watch says the authorities have not disclosed why Arash Alaei and Kamyar Alaei were detained last month, or where they are being held.

The two brothers have travelled widely outside Iran, including to the US, to take part in conferences on HIV/Aids.

They were due to take part in a major meeting in Mexico next month.

Arash Alaei was scheduled to give a presentation on some of Iran's innovative HIV programmes, Human Rights Watch says.

The brothers are credited with getting the Iranian authorities to tackle the stigma of HIV infection and the disease Aids, in a country where sex, drug abuse and the disease itself are taboo subjects.
In recent years Iran has arrested a number of academics who have ties with the US, its main global enemy.

It will take more than the feeble gestures toward reconciliation with the nations it has treated as disposable for the administration to regain our place in the world. The adolescent bravado it mistakes for machismo has done so much damage, it is doubtful that the rest of the world would ever see this country as capable of leading the world.

In the recent talks concerning nuclear development, things came to a standstill when the administration's sticking point of giving up in the beginning wasn't accepted by Iran.

The failure of the Geneva meeting resurrected fears that the U.S. or Israel – a country Ahmadinejad has threatened repeatedly – would seek a military solution.

"The Iranians are playing a colossal game of chicken with us," says Ilan Berman, vice-president of the American Foreign Policy Council. "Does the international community have the will to take the short-term pain and disarm these guys, or accept the long-term pain of a region completely dominated by this regime? I think the world community has essentially come to grips with the fact that Iran is going to go nuclear. The talks are an implicit endorsement of Iranian nuclearization."

Escalating unease is a lack of certainty about how far Iran may be from creating a nuclear bomb.

There is too much time between now and the return of levelheaded service in the executive branch. That will take regime change.

Damage control can begin in 182 days.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush insistence on no negotiation and no contact has been forced on friendly governments. In particular, Bush was against talks between Syria and Israel. Israel first stayed out but later, with the mediation of Turkey, the talks are going on and seem to be doing well.

The toddlerish apprach of not talking to others was and is alarming. Still, the media seldom complained.

It's about time to put the attack on Iran to sleep. The US doesn't have such an option. The Iranian nuclear facilities are spread all over the country, well protected and very deep underneath the surface. Israel doesn't intend to do anything. I they wanted to, they wont talk about it so much.

3:46 PM  
Blogger Ruth said...

If nothing else, the Iraqi occupation has tied up our military forces so much that they cannot stretch any further. The occupied White House has to negotiate. They are starting too late, with too little idea of how to do it, tho. The rest of the world is just waiting for them to go, one way or another.

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to mention that if Iran is becoming completely dominant in the region, the United States bears a certain share of the blame for that. If nothing else, Iraq was a counterweight against Iran's influence in the area, but we had to go in and smash Iraq to pieces to assuage the neo-cons' hard-on for smiting Iraq.

It is a bit rich, though, to see them complaining about something they enabled.

10:58 AM  

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