Friday, August 08, 2008

Fourth Incumbent Loss

In TN primaries, the wingers lost another race unexpectedly.

...freshman Rep. David Davis unexpectedly lost narrowly in the GOP primary to Johnson City Mayor Phil Roe in the 1st district.

Davis is the fourth House incumbent to lose in a primary this year, following Utah Rep. Chris Cannon (R) and Maryland Reps. Wayne Gilchrest and Al Wynn (D). Though the district is heavily Republican and will stay in the GOP column in November, Democrats are already highlighting the race as an example of how they believe the politics of energy can play in their favor. Roe focused his campaign on charges that Davis was in the pocket of "Big Oil."

"While East Tennesseans have been struggling with out-of-control gas prices, David Davis has pocketed thousands from oil companies," the narrator of a Roe campaign ad intoned. "Why is 'Big Oil' trying to buy our seat in Congress, and why is Davis accepting their cash?"

A YouTube ad follows in the WaPo article, but it is no longer available, I discovered when I tried to run it.

The dependence on public ignorance doesn't seem to be paying off for the wingers. That is very encouraging. If big oil can't buy votes, there's hope for the country yet.

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