Friday, August 22, 2008

Matters of Trust

The theme that the McAyn campaign has fallen into lately is that as a POW their candidate lost his memory or fell into the helplessness syndrome, and now his wife is the source of information about functional things like how many houses, children, wars, important events and the like are in his knowledge. Does this increase anyone's comfort level with having a basically dysfunctional occupant of the White House for another term? As pointed out this morning by Eugene Robinson: In fact, there are some basic things about McCain that apparently even McCain doesn't know.

What we have been watching for almost eight years is the spectacle of disassociative behavior - while the press has treated it like the family problem it usually is, rather than the debasing of a great country with real ideals. What does it mean when our pundits talk about what a great warmhearted guy this is, either the buffoon at the helm or the one at the latest campaing stage, when he's announcing that 100 more years of war or more are okay with him. It's cartoon quality to have McAyn address 'my friends' to the effect that he's interested in privatizing their social security, then his campaign literature creators tell us to ignore that candidate, it's their message he really means. Don't listen to the candidate's words, as they are that silly sweet talking syndrome, don't mean a thing. We woulnd't let anyone lead us to take out a loan, who was showing these tendencies. This is a matter, though, of all our financial commitments, for as long ahead as anyone will lend to us, and this is scary.

Are sane people supposed to vote for some one who says he is a straight talker, then hires people to run around disclaiming what he says he's going to do? Where are we going to read about the indications that this is a mentally deficient person running for the president? Or do we need to wait until the right wing comes back with the accusations that we are responsible for destroying the country because once again, us progressives Believed What They Said?

Bloggers are pointing out the insanity of what the campaign is promoting, does that it make it impossible for the Serious pundits to admit that it's daily becoming more obvious? The enablers in the media are financially dependent on a viable campaign, I guess. That isn't reason enough to listen to the increasing insanity of the campaign to put in office some one unable to remember we are in a war in Iraq that is slightly more, or at least as important an, event than the Russia/Georgia problems, that he signed something that got him an adopted child, that he owns seven or so houses, and the difference between Sunnis and Shiites.

These are not problems if you are going to go sit on the porch and share old stories with pals. They are problems if you hold the key to many potential actions, some military, that determine the future of the world.

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Blogger shrimplate said...

To your last point: many if not most of our fellow voting citizens, if they were of sufficient mind (and they unfortunately are not) would ask "What difference?"

I'm pretty much convinced that the Founders were wasting their time. Maybe I'll fell better after another cup of coffee.

9:48 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Disheartening it is, and sometimes I want to declare that the voters have earned their own destruction by not getting the info that's there, and allowing themselves to be defrauded. That's not right, though. We have to re-establish the rule of law for the protection of those who aren't bright enough to take care of themselves, and it's really up to us who are capable of understanding that.

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are many reasons why the Democrats lose presidential elections. One of them is analyzing to death dead brains such as Bush and McCain.

It really doesn't matter how absurd McCain is. Our goal is to get the electorate to disbelieve the Republicans and realize that McCain is the worst choice. I really don't care how it is achieved and I don't care how ridiculous McCain is.

4:18 PM  

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