Monday, August 04, 2008

Pastiche of Lies

Well, right this minute (2:16 CT) I am going to stop listening to a debate at Tulane between Dems and GoP, on energy. I am going to stop listening and write about what I have heard. Rep. Stupak (D-MI) began with a detailing of what has occurred over the past 7+ years, and the subsidies the government has been paying for the oil companies that have not delivered the oil the U.S. needs at affordable prices.

Rep.Zach Wamp(R-TN), right wing, puts the onus for not developing alternative energy sources on the failure to enact tax breaks for development of alternative energy by industry. The fact that this happened in the 110th Congress, because the wingers refused to pass our those tax breaks is not dealt with. The answer from Dems is riiiiight, you refused to join,and lobbied to deny, those tax breaks because you wouldn't let us use Pay-Go, you had to have the source of the funding for tax breaks go to debt. In other words, the debt of the country which throws anything positive accomplished expect the grandkids to pay for us was the only way those tax breaks would work. The right wing sold that line, and tax breaks went down, so alternative energy was sacrificed, but now that same right wing is blaming the Dems for losing to .... the right wing. Which now insists that they should have lost, for the country's sake.

Michelle Bachman (R-MN) began the next line, accusing Nancy Pelosi and Obama of opposing all forms of energy development, not just drilling, but wind, solar, etc. No need to mention that this too is a lie. The point was refuted by Rep. Blumenauer (D-OR).

I am going to go on listening now, but what has transpired so far has been that the Dems talked about facts, about the drilling possibilities the right wing ignores, and the actuality of what has happened. The right wing lies, and acts like it has countered arguments with valid points, because it has no true facts on its side.

The facts do have a liberal bias. The right wing hates them. They disprove their lies.

The energy debate goes on like this, and only a refusal by the press, and the public, to accept lies will end it on the side of the public. The party of lies wants to steal, and it takes fraud to accomplish that.

The party of the public interest keeps plugging away, depending on the wisdom of voters to see the theft that has been committed, and refuse to allow it any longer.

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