Thursday, August 21, 2008

QUACK, cough cough

Oh please. Can't someone put us out of our misery by restricting George W. Bush to his room and/or the brush in Crawford? Why, at this point in his disastrous turn as Decider is he allowed out on the public stage? Haven't we lost enough people to his insanity? From the Los Angeles Times:

President Bush is today renewing his insistence that the fight against terrorism be seen not as a matter of law enforcement but as one requiring the use of "all assets of national power." ...

He urged his successor to take full advantage of the expanded intelligence capabilities, including wiretapping, that his administration has won from Congress.

"This administration has used all these tools to stop new attacks," he says. "And these tools will be available for future administrations to protect the American people for years to come."

By treating the crime of 9/11 as an act of war, the Bush administration has had the perfect excuse for rolling back 200+ years of constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, and it has used that excuse for devastating effect. The frame has also cost us billions of dollars (most of which has wound up in his pockets and that of his veep), and, more importantly, thousands of young Americans' lives and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives.

And he might have very well have prevented 9/11 if he hadn't been so intent on his vacation 8/6/01, but, after assuring the intelligence agent who delivered that PDB that he had adequately covered his ass, Mr. Bush leaned back and pondered his chain saw.

But that's not enough for this duffer. He also has to lie about how good he's been to the young men and women he's sent to this illegal and misbegotten war:

The president also used the speech to remind his audience of the support the government is providing veterans: The Department of Veterans Affairs, he said, is receiving $94 billion, nearly double the amount it received when he took office nearly eight years ago.

Look, you mofo, eight years ago we didn't need twice the amount of funding for the VA, although we needed more than your party was willing to give. And that additional funding didn't come with your help, it came in spite of your resistance and that of your cohorts.

There are a whole bunch of people ground down by your "war" who bear scars that may never be erased, and they bear those scars because you frickin' lied us into a war we had no reason to wage. We'll be taking care of them for decades if the last stupid war is any measure.

Somebody please do me a favor and stuff a sock in that jerk's mouth before I go postal.



Blogger Nora said...

And, speaking of frames, it's wrong to talk about rights won from Congress. These were our rights, stolen from us, the people.

3:32 PM  

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