Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rotten Policy

There is massive dismay at the Georgia/Russian conflict, although the U.S. encouragement of fledgling Georgian democracy made much of that tentative outcropping from Russia. The deterioration of relations between the occupied White House and Putin has been obvious, and lamentable as so many of the administration's policies are.

That reassurances from this war profiteering crew have made the Saakashvili government think we would be there for them is pretty obvious. Tragically, now, Georgians have been expressing their dismay that we have abandoned them.

"Pentagon officials said that despite having 130 trainers assigned to Georgia, they had no advance notice of Georgia's sudden move last Thursday to send thousands of Georgian troops into South Ossetia to capture that province's capital, Tskhinvali."

But consider this: "At the same time, U.S. officials said that they believed they had an understanding with Russia that any response to Georgian military action would be limited to South Ossetia.

"'We knew they were going to go crack heads. We told them again and again not to do this,' [a] State Department official said. 'We thought we had an understanding with the Russians that any response would be South Ossetia-focused. Clearly it's not.'"
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Either way, one big question is why U.S. intelligence wasn't up to speed. Surely the kinds of troop movements involved -- on both sides -- should have set off some alarms?

Well, not if everyone was looking the other way.

Landay writes: "One problem in under-estimating the Russian response, another U.S. official said, was 'a dearth of intelligence assets in the region.'

"U.S. 'national technical means,' the official name for spy satellites and other technology, are 'pretty well consumed by Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan,' the official said, and there was only limited monitoring of Russian military movements toward the Georgian border.

"Additionally, the United States had lost access to vital information when Russia dropped out of the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty in December to protest U.S. plans to build missile defense sites in Europe.

"Under the treaty, Russia had been required to exchange reports on troop, armor and aircraft deployments with the United States and other members on a monthly basis. But once Russia dropped out, that information was no longer available."

Disaster follows disaster caused by the ignorant arrogance of the war criminals. They ought to be ashamed. That, however, would take powers of reflection that they lack. At least other nations have seen unequivocally demonstrated that they are all hat, no cattle.

Will we make it until January 20, 2009? It is with increasingly diminished powers that this country limps through the last days of disrepute.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The mighty titans eh? US should be punished first for continuing to fight 2 unauthorized wars!! Double talk. Wait for China to chew your ass

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