Thursday, August 07, 2008

To The Some of the People You Can Fool All of the Time

For those of you who believe that drilling in ANWR will lower gas prices, that minority foolishness caused the subprime crisis, to those of you who see the air in Beijing and accept that it is morning mist, to those of you who are working two or three jobs to pay off the credit problems you have gotten yourself into

I wish to say....

you have my complete sympathy. I would also ask that you consider my grandchildren.

Please don't punish them for the lies your winger corruptors have foisted off on you. They are innocent.

I am so hoping that enough damage has been done, enough fraud committed, to make you aware. We are better than this... far better.

My granddaughter is starting college this fall. I sincerely will do anything I can to make this country a place that will be good for her to study, work, live, learn. I wish I could trust you to do as much for her as I will do for your grandchildren.

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