Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Familiar Melody

An article in today's Washington Post suggests that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is capable of making some crisp decisions much like the Bush Administration made early on. She established an "official" email system and a "private" one for her state administration.

Gov. Sarah Palin maintained a private e-mail account that she used to communicate with a small circle of staff members outside the state government's secure official e-mail system, according to the Wasilla company that established the site. ...

Quentin Algood, the owner of ITS Alaska, said a discreet e-mail system was created from an old campaign account, with access confined to "a group of people, her closest confidants and co-workers and advisers and the person she sleeps with." ...

Now there's certainly nothing wrong with having a separate email system for communicating with friends and family, and her staff offered that explanation in response to the revelation:

"As a champion of government accountability and transparency, Governor Palin was exercising an abundance of caution to ensure that all state and personal business matters were being kept separate," said Meghan Stapleton. "Governor Palin is committed to serving with the highest regard toward ethics."

That would be fine, except for a few details mentioned in the WaPo article, including what was found when the official account was hacked by some miscreants who posted some of the "official" email on the internet:

The Yahoo inbox posted on the Internet contained family photos, notes from well-wishers and official state correspondence on pending legislation.

That looks like commingling the personal and the official to me, as does the information that the "private" account was set up with access to her closest staff and confidants, the so-called "Palinistas."

It also sounds a great deal like the dual email system the White House used, with the back-door account allowing for deletions when things got too hot.

I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you!

Well, no, I'm not.

Ms. Transparency-In-Government only wants to talk about change. The real thing? Eh, not so much.



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