Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Days Make Them Crazy

The polling news looks better all the time, and it's tempting to revel in it. Guess that's what brings out the ugliness on the right that we're seeing. Tom Toles' cartoon showing McAyn returning to primal mud is all too appropriate. The kind of seething we are seeing on the right sounds a lot like the vibrato of defeat.

US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has accused his Republican rival John McCain of negative campaigning 10 days before polling day.

Mr Obama, appearing in Nevada, said the "ugly phone calls, the misleading mail and TV ads, the careless, outrageous comments" were preventing "change".

Mr McCain accused Mr Obama in New Mexico of starting a victory lap before winning the election.

The two men are focusing on vital states in the west of the country.

Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado were all Republican at the last election but could prove crucial if the vote is tight on 4 November.

All the main national opinion polls suggest Barack Obama has a strong lead.

Dallas news this morning reported some one advising people at a voting place to vote Straight Democratic ticket, then for Obama, if they wanted their vote to count. Of course, doing that would disqualify the vote. The advice came from some one in a car that was covered with McAyn bumper stickers. These right wingers are all trash, proving it over and over again. They're losing because they really hate democracy. We are winning because we want to do what's right.

Can I relax and enjoy it soon? It's been a long time coming. The disaster that this country has experienced over the past eight years should be enough cure for any future tendency to turn it back over to the crooks again. As Dr. Krugman notes, the rightwing candidate's incomprehension stands out.

Mr. McCain seems spectacularly unable to talk about economics as if it matters. He has attempted to pin the blame for the crisis on his pet grievance, Congressional budget earmarks — which leaves economists scratching their heads in puzzlement.
The McCain campaign’s response to its falling chances of victory has been telling: rather than trying to make the case that Mr. McCain really is better qualified to deal with the economic crisis, the campaign has been doing all it can to trivialize things again. Mr. Obama consorts with ’60s radicals! He’s a socialist! He doesn’t love America! Judging from the polls, it doesn’t seem to be working.

Just not getting it makes a pretty good sumnation of the right. They had an ideology rather than an idea, it proved wrong. Now they're getting ugly.

The ugliness is just another sign of the character we've been governed by for those eight dark years. We can hope it will fade out quickly and thoroughly ... and the horse they rode in on. We're ready for some happy days again.

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