Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ideal Scenario

While watching the unfolding of the Obama era in America, the rest of the world has not forgotten the horrors of the Bush era. Watching America continues to publish more than a few international articles on the Bush administration, including this one from Germany's Neues Deutschland. Written by Olaf Standke and headlined as "Cheney In The Dock", the article expresses a wish that the first trial of the International Crimes Commission had involved Dick Cheney.

...A grand jury in Texas alleges the Vice-President is complicit in the abuse of prisoners incarcerated in privately run prisons. It also alleges that Cheney summarily used the power of his office to prevent an investigation of the charges. Small wonder: Cheney is reported to have invested $85 million in companies who realize most of their profits from the private prison industry.

The accusation is appropriate for the White House’s second in command who, since September 11, 2001, has been accorded presidential privileges. The former CEO of the Halliburton energy services company has been more successful than anyone else in maximizing profits from dirty political deals. He and his team laid the policy strategy as well as the legal basis for a number of crimes. The keyword list is long and includes not only the Iraq war, Guantanamo and CIA torture, but also the savaging of political opponents to the point that their livelihoods are endangered. In addition, he is responsible for the creation of “Washington insider” energy, environmental and financial policies geared toward big profits.

Why, yes: that is a pretty fair summation, but far from complete. What is unfortunate is that while many Americans have been keeping track and would love to see Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush and the rest of his cohorts in the dock, our Democratic-led 110th Congress didn't have the time or the inclination for such a "divisive" policy. Democrats in an earlier Congress stood silent as a president was impeached for a blowjob, but they didn't have the guts to impeach those who were responsible for the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands and the death of the one thing that made America exceptional: her Constitution.

Now, as his term winds down, President Bush has the opportunity to "pardon" all those who assisted him the last eight years. One congressman, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), has decided that enough is enough and has introduced a House Resolution which both urges the current president not to engage in pre-emptive pardons and urges Congress to fully investigate all of the wrongdoings of the last eight years.

If you think he's got the right idea, go on over to Democrats.Com and sign the petition which will be sent to your House member and both Senators asking them to sign on to Rep. Nadler's resolution. Our active participation worked earlier this month, and it will work now.

Do it.

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