Saturday, November 01, 2008

Life Isn't Precious to the Wingers

It's pretty revolting to see the blows against the public the occupied White House is throwing at us in its final days in office. While the hazards of BPA have been detailed by FDA scientists, and detailed in studies and articles, the administration's anti-life tools will not let be businesses be inconvenienced by protecting the public from it.

A Food and Drug Administration panel on Friday endorsed a review that called the agency's report on a chemical found in plastic food containers inadequate.

The review, released Wednesday, was sharply critical of the FDA's report, released in August, that said the chemical Bisphenol-A, or BPA, is safe at current levels found in plastic food containers. The review said the FDA relied too heavily on studies funded by the chemical industry and didn't back its stance up with available science.

A panel of medical experts on Friday endorsed the review, meaning it will now go to FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach for consideration. It's unclear what decision the FDA will make going forward regarding BPA. The FDA is scheduled to respond to the panel's report by February, but may do so sooner.

Canada recently moved to ban BPA from baby products, and retailers such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) have removed BPA containing baby products from their shelves. Those moves have pressured the FDA to make a decision on BPA's safety.

The agency has repeatedly said it wants to review more studies to determine BPA's safety, a move that has sparked criticism from scientists and even some panel members that the FDA is acting too slowly.

"That's why the system is losing credibility with the public," said Larry Sasich, the panel's sole consumer representative. "We do a lot of hard work and a lot of really good science but we don't do anything with it."

Sasich said the FDA should consider banning BPA in baby products immediately. Although such a recommendation was outside the rules of Friday's meeting, the FDA said other panel members can write to the FDA next week if they think the agency should consider banning the chemical from baby products.

The FDA has been packed with anti-life administration tools who are okay with endangering the health of children because business must be served at any cost. Putting off the measures that public safety needs is the FDA chief's way of continuing to obstruct the public interest. He is well paid to play this role, as are the many criminals fighting against America all through the executive branch.

These cronies of the White House should be prosecuted for malfeasance. They have violated their oaths of office, and enriched themselves at the country's expense.

I would like to see Public Enemy numbers attached to their files, perhaps a set of playing cards with their pictures on them, starting with No. 1, Darth Cheney.

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