Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh...And Those Other Guys...

Last Wednesday, in a fit of anger, I posted the list of incumbent Democratic senators coming up for re-election in 2010. A friend of mine read the post and suggested that that I consider posting the Republican senators coming up for re-election as well know, fair and balanced and all that nonsense.

Well, on reflection, I have to admit she is right. There are lots of seats coming up, and the Democrats aren't the only rodents who have screwed up. So, here's a broadening of the brush for the folks of the 109th and 110th Congress.

Once again, the list and pertinent comments are from Wikipedia. Please feel free to annotate in the comments section.

Richard Shelby of Alabama
Four-term Senator Richard Shelby is a former Democrat who switched parties in 1994 when Republicans took control of both the House and Senate.

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
First-term Senator Lisa Murkowski narrowly defeated former Governor Tony Knowles in 2004, with 49% of the vote.[10]

John McCain of Arizona
He's announced his intention to run for another term as senator.

Mel Martinez of Florida

Johnny Isakson of Georgia

Mike Crapo of Idaho

Chuck Grassley of Iowa

Sam Brownback of Kansas
He has announced he will be retiring due to "self-imposed" term limits.

David Vitter of Louisiana
First-term Senator David Vitter was elected over Democratic representative Chris John with 51% of the vote in 2004. His reelection may become complicated, however, by a prostitution scandal revealed in 2007.

Kit Bond of Missouri

Judd Gregg of New Hampshire

Richard Burr of North Carolina

George Voinovich of Ohio
A November 2007 poll put his approval rating at 44%, with 46% disapproving

Tom Coburn of Oklahoma

Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania

Jim DeMint of South Carolina

Bob Bennett of Utah

There are a lot of targets in this list as well, and, given the success of Howard Dean's 50 state strategy (which Barack Obama took and ran with), there's still some hope, but only if voters see the possibilities.

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Blogger Matt Hurley said...

I'm a real Republican from Ohio, so I'm not all that thrilled to be able to report that there has been some polling done on George RINOvich... Survey USA has his approval/disapprovals at 51%/39% as of October 2008.

I was hoping he'd retire, but he is definitely running and I suspect that he will be defeated.

5:33 AM  

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