Thursday, November 06, 2008


Listening to all our pundits and the cretin in chief taking on about the election results as if they hadn't fought tooth and toenail against being dragged out of the swamp they created makes me want to bite off something vital that would be missed.

There, that's my spurt of violence. We who have struggled and endured and watched total idiocy touted as wisdom by our media commentators, now we have achieved the great joy of recognizing an enlightened public. The enlightenment has been fought against with lies, dirty politics, and general smarm for more than eight years. The right wing has been so destructive though, that with constant rational comment from our side, the public has seen through its actual character. The intention of the right wing is to overthrow public interests, and if possible permanently weight it down with debt and corporate entitlements.

I like a lot of comments today, some because they so obviously contradict the lies the commenter has peddled for the past years. Hearing Bobo on NewsHour last night saying that President Obama needed to 'go slow' (integration was greeted with that same advice) on social programs so that he could gain trust, this kind of palaver ignores the kind of trust that those votes entailed. You lost, members of the right wing. You have been proved wrong, wrong, wrong, over and over.

I will choose Froma Harrop for fun.

This amazing election is being called a liberal landslide, but it doesn't feel liberal. It's at bottom a reaction against the radical philosophy that called itself conservative but ran up deficits, blustered on the world stage, denigrated science, served the rich and ignored the working class.

To many older voters, the middle-class paradise of their youth had turned into an economic purgatory in which workers dodge the falling shards of free markets running amok. They remember when America, if not always loved, was respected for its economic as well as military might. They now see other countries taking care of business as America drains its Treasury to fight two wars, one of which it didn't have to get into.

The overthrow of 2008 was a cry for old-fashioned order. This election has been likened to Democrats' devastating losses in 1968 and 1972 presidential races. While the losing party back then was liberal and the one in 2008 allegedly conservative, the reason for their defeats is similar: The parties in power didn't keep order.
In a stroke of brilliance, Mr. Obama balanced his liberal voting record and exotic background with a conservative manner. His middle-American cadences and controlled rhetoric spoke of a balanced politics and comforted many older doubters.

And he had help from the left, which managed to not scare the public. In this election, the right had to resort to fringe figures for inflammatory leftist remarks. Or it dredged up a formerly violent '60s radical, Bill Ayers, now an educator in Chicago.

The pendulum doesn't care whether it's on the left or right. When it spends too much time on one side, it returns to the other.

Some jewels, some dreck. I won't analyze any further, I need to go to Dallas where I will be watching twelve jurors represent the U.S. in the maladministration's attempt to show that if you're Muslim your charitable organizations are a mask for terrorism.

I wish wisdom and good observations to all making the decisions today, with the interests of this world riding on them.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I want all Americans to have access to education, health insurance, a reliable roof over their heads and nutritious food in their bellies. I just don't know how we effectively set this up and pay for it."

(a) stop the war; and

(b) make the rich pay their fair share of taxes.

Terry C - Got My Country Back!

8:33 AM  

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