Thursday, December 04, 2008

Crimes That Really, Really Don't Pay

Here is an object lesson for all you out there raising kids who want a good example of why you don't tell lies. It's what the occupied White House has been doing. While profiting from our history as maintaining the Rule of Law, the worst administration ever to occupy this government kept telling investors that their money was safe because it was taking care of it.

Hint: deregulation is just a way of saying lawlessness. Your money was not being taken care of. No one's money was.

That lesson has come home to that country of China that we were borrowing from. Their money isn't safe when laws are disregarded by our executive branch and their BFF the financial community.

The head of China's sovereign wealth fund said Wednesday he had lost confidence in western financial institutions during the global economic crisis and would not be investing in them, a report said.

Lou Jiwei, the chairman and chief executive of China Investment Corp (CIC), said the fund would now avoid investing in banks and other groups because of "uncertain" foreign government policies, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The fund has been a major investor in such groups since it was formed last September.

"We don't know when these institutions will be invested in by their governments," Lou said during a panel discussion in Hong Kong, part of a conference hosted by former US President Bill Clinton, the Journal said.

"We have to wait for a time when there won't be massive collapses of financial institutions."

Lou added he had "lost confidence from the lack of consistent government policies concerning support for Western banks. There is really no protection on my investment," the report said.

This is a really bad result from really bad behavior. We can hope that when 47 days, the last ones, of the criminal element are over the Rule of Law will be reinstated, quickly. It is past due. The lawless executive branch has proved that they are not trustworthy, and the world has learned the lesson along with us. It will take a lot of remedial good behavior to earn trust back for investments in this country.


In other good words, a delegation of military leaders who are as sickened by the U.S. descending to torture met with President-elect Obama's staff yesterday to push for the end of our disgrace.

A dozen retired generals met with President-elect Barack Obama's top legal advisers Wednesday, pressing their case to overturn some of the Bush administration's terrorism-fighting policies.

Obama has criticized practices that he says amount to torturing detainees during interrogations and has promised to close the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Among those who met with Obama's advisers were Gen. Charles Krulak, a former Marine Corps commandant, and retired Marine Gen. Joseph Hoar, former chief of the Central Command.

The generals would like to see authority rescinded for the CIA to use harsh interrogation methods that go beyond those approved for use by the military; an end to the secret transfer of prisoners to other governments that have a history of torture; and the closing of the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base.

If you haven't let your opinion on this subject be known yet, a call or email would be helpful. We are all shamed by the betrayal of our principles that the worst administration ever has committed.

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