Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Good Sense Setting In

Is it the smell of corruption rising or the light at the end of the tunnel? It seems that decisions that have long been called for are at last arising. Can the end of the war now indicating that Iraq can do its own law enforcement be part of Blackwater's being under eviction notice?

Blackwater should be dropped as the main private security contractor for US diplomats in Iraq, a US State Department panel has recommended.

Its report, commissioned by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, says the company's contract should not be renewed when it expires next year.

Ms Rice ordered the review after Blackwater guards killed 17 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad in September 2007.

Five guards have been charged with manslaughter over the shootings.

The incident triggered outrage in Iraq and led to a debate about the role there of private security companies - which the US relies heavily on.

A decision on the recommendation will be left to the incoming Obama administration, which will be in office when Blackwater's contract comes up for renewal.

Of course, the facts that were found in congressional hearings, that Blackwater severely overcharged, had no bearing on this decision. The best interests of our troops was nothing but propaganda, ever, to the occupied White House.

Could the prospect of being tried for war crimes be beginning to break through to some of the maladministration? Tidying up the scene seems to be the modus operandi of the moment.

As Athenae said today at First Draft:
Frank Gaffney and all his warblogger friends and all the people who waved their red white and blue pom-poms around and baked an American flag cake and knitted the troops a scarf, they need to feel better about what they were doing. They need to feel good about it now, especially now, as the darkness is starting to settle in and Bush is on his way out and Marley's Ghost comes clanking up the stairs after them.

It's not just seasonal mood dysfunction, it's fear.

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Blogger Diane said...

I think this is possibly your




6:00 PM  
Blogger CMike said...

KBR (the corporate criminal formerly known as Kellogg, Brown and Root when it was a Halliburton subsidiary) overcharged for gas and gave* the troops contaminated water.

Blackwater, as far as I know, hasn't gotten into the business of overcharging for gas or supplying the troops with contaminated water yet ... not that its executives wouldn't be willing to expand operations into that industry.

(* KBR might have sold contaminated water, it certainly didn't give any of it away.)

7:07 PM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Thanks, both of you. Mike, you're right, I confused the two criminal ops. Corrections made.

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we should just wait and see, at least til Rick Warren's prayer is over. The White Bill Clinton hasn't even been inaugurated yet.

5:26 AM  

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