Monday, December 29, 2008

Mental Incompetence

Watching the spectacle of the worst administration ever in the throes of leaving, I have to agree with the First Lady, and Condi Rice, that we will appreciate the cretin in chief more when he's gone. In fact, that condition cannot begin too soon.

Increasingly, the sheer inability to govern anything becomes horribly evident.

US President George W. Bush's top women advisers -- wife Laura and US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice -- fought back Sunday against critics who say his presidency was one of the worst ever.

"It's ridiculous," Rice told CBS in an interview recorded Monday. "Generations pretty soon are going to start to thank this president for what he's done. This generation will."

Both Rice and Laura Bush assailed the news media, with the top diplomat repeatedly dismissing "today's headlines" as meaningless to the task of governing and the first lady bluntly calling reporters unfair to her husband.

"Do I think the press is fair? No, absolutely not," Laura Bush told Fox News Channel in an interview also taped Monday and broadcast while the president was set to usher in 2009 on his Texas ranch near this tiny town.

Asked about critics who say her husband's presidency was a failure, Laura Bush replied: "Well, I know it's not. And so I don't really feel like I need to respond to people that view it that way.

"And I think history will judge and we'll see later," she said.
Rice defended Bush's Middle East policies, notably the talks revived in November 2007 at a conference in Annapolis, Maryland -- negotiations which failed to yield a hoped-for agreement before 2009 and have yet to resolve any of the core issues.

We don't need to wait, we see the greatness already. This is the absolute bottom, and there is no direction to go except up.

There is a real advantage in having seen the occupied White House commit one disaster after another, indeed. We have material enough for several textbooks on the way to destroy a prosperous, well-constructed, solidly performing country. We have the ultimate proof of George Santayana's adage that "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

The price for all these great benefits is one that the country will be paying, and suffering from, for some time to come.

Does anyone else occasionally remember the parents' excuse for avoiding helping their son, in "Rebel Without A Cause"? They often looked at a totally messed up household and trilled "We'll all look back on this in ten years and laugh." That has stayed with me, and the dysfunctional executive branch seems to have adopted it as their creed lately.

The redemption of the constant stumblings has been too hard to face. What we have leaving the highest offices is a whole segment of our government that is in shock, and unable to face the reality of how complete a failure they have brought about. The entire ideology they held to has been irrevocably disproved. That ideology is the one on which they were going to base their foundation, the Freedom Institute, at SMU. How daunting it would be to face that your future plans had been completely shown up as absurd. They are choosing the opposite course, to refuse to accept the obvious.

The constant revisions, the claim that invading Iraq was caused by Clinton's administration, the imitation of a triumph that infuriated an Iraqi news reporter to the point of pitching his shoes at him, the wincing smirk, these are just part of mounting evidence that the departing national catastrophe has lost all hold on reality. This happens in events so stunning that a person can't deal with them. Treatment will be difficult, but I am confident it will be necessary make life bearable around this psychotic cabal.

The treatment that the government will need is real, thorough, revision, especially the rooting out of the remaining ideologists the psychotic administration just past has installed where the nation's business can be damaged. Our actual 'homeland security' depends on eliminating the remnants of the past executive branch that has so eminently served the country only in showing what really, really doesn't work.

Like Diane - and as she was cited by Glenn Greenwald in his treatise on crime and punishment - I look forward to the prosecution of the crimes against the U.S. that have run rampant for eight years now. Without consequences, crime is encouraged and will repeat itself. The leftover criminals in this White House, that President Ford pardoned for crimes under Nixon, are the proof that crime must be punished to be prevented from recurring.

As a nation we need to contemplate the lessons of this severe distress the country suffers from the emotional instability of its leadership. It might be good to establish minimum standards of mental competence for the office of president. If that can be accomplished, we will indeed have a legacy of this White House that is worth having.

Another gem of observation that the departing maladministration has proved is this from Aldous Huxley: At least two thirds of our miseries spring from human stupidity, human malice and those great motivators and justifiers of malice and stupidity, idealism, dogmatism and proselytizing zeal on behalf of religious or political idols.

I would guess Huxley underestimated the percentage, perhaps because he lived before the full gamut of what he feared was in office from 2001 to 2009.

Twenty-two more days.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Twenty-two more days of the fox ruling the hen house. A lot of chickens can be harmed in 22 days.

3:30 PM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Obama will need a cleansing ritual for the WH. And DoJ, particularly.

4:49 AM  
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