Sunday, December 14, 2008

So, No Impeachment ...

The rest of the wolrd may not particularly care, one way or the other, about the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Some, however, have a pretty good idea of what justice demands when it comes to those two. Here's what an editorial writer for Egypt's Al Ahram thinks would be appropriate (via Watching America):

In fact, Bush cannot escape those clear lies and serious declarations. If Saddam Hussein didn't have any relations with terrorism nor with Al Qaeda and if Iraq did not possess weapons of mass destruction during his reign, how could we say that Saddam is considered dangerous for the neighbors and the international society?! Bush's announcements and declarations are indeed a confirmation of previous accusations from American and universal foundations and organizations: he fell into a pack of lies when he propagated the Iraq war. The most important accusation was an American study affirming that Bush reiterated more than a thousand lies in order to invade Iraq. ...

...Thereby, we are now confronted with a clear and complete crime, a crime of fighting a war without any legal or ethical proofs, a crime of kindling fires in a region that is secure or is destined for stability, a crime of killing, destroying and dividing a country, plundering its wealth and eliminating its power, a crime of killing, disfiguring and dislodging millions of its people and driving them into an unknown future.

Since there is no crime without punishment, we are now confronted with a stage that requires George W. Bush's trial for committing war crimes. Thus, all of the parties involved must move immediately towards this trend, especially the League of Arab States, the Islamic Convention Organization and the U.N., combined with the organizations of civil society inside and outside the Arab nation. In fact, the U.N. has an integral file to convict that man for his crimes. And even if the interests, the political conditions and the U.S. power hindered Bush's conviction, the U.N. should make at least a serious step in order to fulfill its responsibilities and to have the honor for at least attempting to succeed!

Sadly, our Congress apparently doesn't have that sense of honor.

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