Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunday Sermon

Sometimes a blessed event seems to occur when it is appreciated, and today that happened to me. Visiting Progressive Eruptions, I came across a post on praying for the Supremes to find President-elect Obama an alien. In getting together a comment referring to Pat Robertson having originated the idea of praying for SC decisions by asking his Got to off a Justice or two, I found the following. I excerpted from a priceless letter which you will enjoy visiting. Even the ads are great.

Dear Mercurially Merciful Lord:

O Lord, we come before you today because we are sure that, by now, you know that Brother Pat Robertson has turned to you in solemn Christian prayer to righteously beseech you to kill off a few Supreme Court justices that have rudely treated those pesky so-called "gays" with respect. With bracing candor, Brother Pat is calling this a "prayer offensive." Ever helpful in thinking of ways to kill off liberals, Brother Pat hints: ``One justice is 83-years-old, another has cancer and another has a heart condition."

Call us timid, O Lord, but it makes us rather nervous when a man who just went through a bout of prostate cancer thinks it wise to ask his Creator to start going on a killing rampage, targeting people with cancer and heart conditions. After all, who will run the country if you take Dick Cheney from us? We are further concerned that you might respond to Brother Pat's imprecatory prayers in that mischievous, ironic way of Yours and, well, kill him, too. It is with your delicious penchant for technically giving people what they pray for in mind (like when John Kennedy, Jr. screamed, with the coarse impetuousness endemic in Democrats, : "Lord, do something to shut up that damned braying cokehead in Row A!") that we grow concerned for Brother Pat's safety.

Yes, it goes on and is good throughout. Nice job, Sister Shaw Kenawe and Sister Betty.

Two CSpan callers this morning referred to 'knowing' that our next president will not take office because he has been found not to be a citizen. Thank you host Steve Scully and guest Martin Kady, from Politico, for telling them that the president-elect was born in Hawaii and will be president. These people are nuts.

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Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

"These people are nuts."

Amen, Sister Ruth.

Now please. I want you to protect your health, so don't be going over to Atlas Juggs and reading all her crazy-ass posting on why President-elect Obama cannot be president.

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.

And when you finish reading that inanity, you must see her tribute to the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution). You know, the group that prohibited Marian Anderson from singing in their sacred hall, and from which the Great Eleanor Roosevelt resigned as soon as she heard of their racist behavior.

The Geller also says of this photo of the DAR members that she can see in their faces "Washington and Jefferson."

Washington had no biological children. But we know that these people just speak from their a**holes. Sorry for that, but I'm so weary of these know-nothing yahoos!

1:42 PM  
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