Friday, January 09, 2009

Lilly Ledbetter

I am so glad that the Lilly Ledbetter bill is first thing. If someone is kept in the dark for six months that she is being the victim of sexual discrimination, the Supreme Court has ruled hey, you can be stolen from, and actually Justice Goldberg's dissent is the only good result of this decision.

I graduated from Wellesley in 1966 and understood that I would never get what my male counterparts got. I worked on Capitol Hill, I suggested and worked for passage of the first bill to give federal protection to endangered species. Yep, Ol' Ivory Bill got federal protection because I told Dick Yarborough that was the way we could protect the ivory billed woodpecker, though we didn't know it still existed in the U.S.

I never got the credit for that, and I never expected to. I got to type and make copies. Any number of times I was hired because I was smart and my boss wasn't but he was a man.

I'm ready for that equation to change.

If you can just keep your underpaid woman for 180 days, she's screwed. That is the Supreme Court decision. No.

That is wrong on its face, and we have a Supreme Court that is not worthy of the name.

I sent my son to college. I bought the house we lived in and I did it on less than my ex earned. I am ready to support fair pay, and I wish you to.



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