Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thanks fromTom DeLay Land

I love this lady from Sugarland

If you live anywhere around me and want to celebrate the inauguration in style, boy howdy do I have an Inaugural Ball for you!
It's gonna be at the country club and it's gonna be fancy. We have a live band, the famous "Special Menu" jazz and dance band, and a string quartet to welcome you at the door. We also have a 60 inch tv if you want to see what people are doing the DeeCee. We've got a professionally made Inaugural banner and a life size Barach Obama and Joe Biden for you to have your picture made with. We've even got memorabilia for sale - cheap! We've got food and a cash bar.
Honey, we're your one-stop celebration-shop.
But, most importantly, we have the largest collection of celebratin' Democrats in a 15 zip-code area! Come be part of it!
Or, if you're just a generous soul, donate a ticket for me to give one of our volunteers who's been a victim of the Bush economy. That would be real sweet of you.

I an listening to the hearing on Tom Daschle for Secretary of Health and Human Services. Since I talked last night with my son and found he is shocked that almost one third of my total income is spent on health insurance, and I have no health problems, I am very committed to health care for all of us.



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