Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Birdblogging

The California Quail is a precious bird that I actually once saw on Chincoteague, as evidently some joker had introduced it artificially. It's adorable.

A common bird of the chaparral and other western brushy areas, the California Quail is tolerant of people. It is common in parks and suburban areas.

* Medium-sized quail.
* Forward-facing plume on top of head (topknot).
* Belly scaled with buff and black.

* Size: 24-27 cm (9-11 in)
* Wingspan: 32-37 cm (13-15 in)
* Weight: 140-230 g (4.94-8.12 ounces)

Sex Differences

Male more boldly patterned.


Call a loud "cu-Ca-cow."



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