Sunday, January 11, 2009

What George Hath Wrought

Iraq's Azzaman had a stunning editorial in its January 8, 2009 edition. It is a mere recitation of facts, one so powerful it nearly knocked me off my chair.

The following is a summary of reports on violence that appeared in local Iraqi press on Thursday:

· Four Iraqi troops were killed by a roadside bomb in the Doora neighborhood in Baghdad.

· A suicide bomber wounded five police officers and three civilians in the northern city of Mosul.

· One police officer was injured in Tauz Khormato north of Baghdad.

· Gunmen opened fire from a speeding car killing one soldier in Baghdad.

· Police say they found the body of a person who was killed in Baghdad.

· U.S. troops say they killed an Iraqi man as he was driving his car because he did not heed to orders in the city of Baaquba. This is the second incident in one week.

· U.S. troops seriously injure a female journalist reporting for Biladi Television Channel.

· Police find two bodies riddled with bullets at the river side south of Baghdad.

· Gunmen killed two students at Mosul University.

· Gunmen killed owner of a pharmacy in Mosul.

· Gunmen killed a medical college student in Mosul.

· A car bomb goes off in Baghdad, injuring five people.

· Two policemen were seriously injured as they tried to defuse a bomb.

· Gunmen kill a Kurdish official in the oil-rich city of Kirkuk.

This is just one day's tally. One single day.

As Mr. Bush and his entourage frantically try to revise history so as to give the 43rd President of the United States a glowing legacy, one hopes that the public rises up and points to his real legacy: treasonous duplicity in starting this misbegotten war, intentional ineptitude in its prosecution, villainous murder of hundreds of thousands of civilians, violation of international laws in connection with his Orwellian named inventions, the Global War On Terror and Pre-Emptive War, and the shredding of the US Constitution to cover himself and his minions.

May God forgive him. I surely cannot.

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