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What a treat it is to hear the Party of Nope waxing eloquent over the disaster they have created in this country's economy. Now I am waiting to hear them admit that it was their wars and their tax cuts that were the cause. I am watching Diane's state's congressman Dreier. Sorry, he's on par with my own congressman Hall, who totally supports oil interests over his constituents. These disgraces to their country have done more damage than any foreign enemy could have done. Now they are arguing that more of the same is going to bring prosperity after eight years of bringing economic damage.

Today in the WaPo we get an op-ed by Judd Gregg that goes to the last extreme of debauchery, and after the song and dance routine he did in accepting - then rejecting - nomination to the cabinet, Gregg wants to blame the president for exactly the crime against this country his party has committed.

When speaking with the hardworking New Hampshire families and business owners whom I represent in Washington, I hear the same concerns echoed by Americans across the country. People are worried about keeping their jobs, their homes and their savings safe. They ask, "When will the economy recover? What kind of economic future will our children have?"

These questions are not easy to answer. Yet I believe that over the next couple of years, the country will recover from this severe recession. We are an inherently resilient nation.

Our longer-term future is harder to predict, though, especially since the Democratic Congress is on the cusp of adopting President Obama's budget blueprint. This is a defining budget. It shows very clearly where the president and the Democratic majority want to take our country: sharply to the left.

There is no doubt that the president came into office facing significant economic challenges. To stabilize the economy, he has been forced to take aggressive steps, some of which may have been necessary to avert a systemic financial collapse.

But don't be fooled when the president says the economy he inherited is the reason that future deficits and debt skyrocket.

The president's budget makes clear that a huge expansion of government is not just about today's economic downturn. Once the recession is behind us, this budget will continue pushing for more and more government in our everyday lives.

Instead of tightening Uncle Sam's belt the way so many American families are cutting back these days, the president's proposal spends so aggressively that it essentially adds $1 trillion to the debt, on average, every year.

Except for some accounting gimmicks, the budget makes no attempt to cut wasteful spending or find savings. It ignores reform for major entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security, which are on track to cost us $67 trillion more than we have over the next 75 years.

The new spending is coupled with the largest tax increase in U.S. history -- $1.5 trillion over 10 years.

Who will pay all those taxes? The president says it's just the rich. But let's keep in mind that a lot of these "rich" people are actually small-business owners, and small businesses create 70 percent of the new jobs each year. When millions of Americans are out of work, taxing job creators and making it harder to run a business are certainly not the answer.

Moreover, all American families will get stuck with a new "light-switch tax" on electricity bills that is in the president's budget. Even though taxes will go up dramatically, this new revenue will not be used to reduce the deficit. Instead, it is going to expand the government beyond what we can afford.

Excuse me, these small businesses and American families were doing great when the Gangsters came into power. They have gone into debt and been delivered a damaged economy by the failure of this gang to keep our laws enforced, as former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan admitted.

Having destroyed the economy, having failed, the Gang of Nope tries to keep the Democrats from saving it. This beggars the imagination. Representative McGovern describes the political piece called a budget that the wingers have introduced as a brochure, which is kind as a description. Finally, today there are actual numbers. They're proposing to cut school funding, and vaguely, financial services, which would inevitably involve medicare and medicaid, now there's the way to help out the populace. In hard times that they have created, they would make things worse.

For investors in the stock market the gang of nope said would regulate itself, their hard-earned dollars have been taken away by about half. For those of us who saw that their policies were destroying our economy, we've lost much less than those who trusted them.

The example to be totally avoided is that set by this gang that robbed the country for eight years. Fool me once, shame on you....

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Blogger Cosa Nostradamus said...

I think most people have finally realized that the 'Pukes are the Party of lies, a political Ponzi scheme that finally went bust. At least, that's how they voted last November. But the 'Puke's'll be back in 2010 with a hundred million dollars' worth of new lies, hoping for another shot at Congress.

We need blogs like this to help prevent that. So I'm doing some financial blog-whoring for my top-ten blogs this month. You're one of them. No April Foolin'.

3:31 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Thanks so much. I'm very hopeful we can keep the public from swallowing the winger line again, it's obvious they're not going to serve the public, but they need to keep them blinded if they're going to get elected.

5:45 AM  

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