Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Catblogging

This from cat parent Barndog;

It’s been awhile since my last letter, and some of you have asked for an update on how my life is going at (Barndog's) house. As you can see, I’m just getting better looking by the day. I’m going to call this place home. I’ve mastered all nooks and crannies, jumped on everything and explored all aspects.

I like my daily routine. I wake up Mom and Dad around 5am. They try to ignore me, but eventually one of them will get up. All I have to do is lay across the pillow and roll my body over their mouth and nose. That gets attention. I purr while I do it so they know I do it out of love.

After we’re up the morning, I like to play hard. If it makes noise, that’s my favorite thing. Mom tied a screw to some ribbon and tied it to the doorknob. You can hit that thing back and forth and make a loud noise. Dad usually wraps it around the doorknob so I can’t play with it though. It took a few weeks but Eve will plays with me in the morning. We like to make cat-thunder by chasing each other back and forth through the house. Freckles will sometimes play, but I get the feeling that she and Eve really don’t like each other.

I sleep all day, but that way I can play until late at night. I like to stay up until at least midnight. I like to climb things at night and make my Mom come and get me down. She’s started putting foil on things and that bothers me. I don’t like to climb it as much with foil on top. Ick!

Now that those other cats are willing to play with me, I’m working on getting ‘em to cuddle up to me too. Yesterday I found Freckles laying on the bed, and she let me get to first base by gently stroking the back of her head. When I tried to move my body up against her though, she pulled away like a snooty tease. Eve lets me get next to her on the ottoman, and I try that move with stroking her head, but she still won’t let me touch her more than once or twice. You can see in the picture, she makes me hang off the edge and more than once I’ve rolled off and fallen to the floor. How humilitating!

Last night was quite an experience. There was thunder and lightning for hours. I’ve never seen anything quite like that. We pulled together like a family. Mom sat at the computer, and I was in her lap. Freckles was sitting at her feet, and Eve was next to us in the window. My heart was racing, but I felt safe with everyone there. I didn’t even cry once.

Food is still important to me. I eat on a schedule and if they don’t feed me, I can cause quite a ruckus until I get their attention. Freckles eats food for senior citizens, but I’ll admit it, it’s the best food in the house. They’ve started to hide it on me – I have to confess that I’m addicted to it. The kitten food they give me is good, but there’s just something about her food that makes me crave it. I like the way Mom gives me canned food and now I won’t eat it unless she fixes it right. I have to have warm water stirred into it so that it’s warm and lickable. Yum.

My mom and dad went away for a few days on a vacation. I didn’t like it. Billi was here with me, and she’s pretty good to cuddle with, and she mixed my food up right, but she didn’t like me waking her up at 5am. It made her grouchy! When mom and dad got home, I just had to be held for days. I sure missed them.

My mom hurt her leg while she was gone, and the doctor made her work from home and it was good for me. I got to help her when she tried to use the laptop. She probably would have gotten more done without me, but the doctor told her to keep her foot up and to rest so I interfered as much as I could.

I guess I have to go back for more shots in another week. Mom says after this next round, she might let me go outside a little bit. She’s let me run around the deck but I’d like to explore a little further. I hate it when Eve and the dog go outside – I stand at the door and scratch and cry until they come home. I feel so left out. They still treat me like a baby! I’m close to five pounds already so they need to treat me like the little man I’ve become.


Frankie Blue Eyes



Blogger HoneyBearKelly said...

What a great letter from Frankie.

6:00 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

After all the trouble he went to writing this letter, I had to share it with you.

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