Sunday, May 17, 2009

Soshulist Furriner DFH Reality

The failure to find anything to recommend this country in issues such as health care, torture, unjustifiable wars, and economic conditions has a down side. Okay, just kidding. Watching the writhings of the right wing community - ideology insisting that eventually that trickle down stuff will work out, but mostly the right has moral high ground since women are second class citizens who can't handle their own bodies - reminds me of the reversal I've seen in southern family members, wingers themselves.

Back in the 50's the conviction we heard was that the Catholic church was wrong and foreign because of the birth control issue, because it created unaffordably large families. Now, those views are that huge families are virtuous, and having a family within your budget is morally inferior and besides, those DFH's are on the other side. Of course, when all those immigrunt families are the object of right wing ire, the hispanic/Catholic population outnumbering the northern European descendants who ruled in those 50's, a conundrum arises. Now, when are we going to hear the ethical basis for blockading the border and vigilantism that basically is all about shooting the incoming illeguls? I expect we will have to wait awhile for that to occur.

Part of the anti-furriner element has successfully held off needed reform by claiming that our health care system is superior and you don't want to have a health problem in, say, France? The total falsity of that mantra seems finally have to succeeded in making it too flimsy even for the loudest opponents of public health care for the U.S. Diane found in the LAT that insurance company claims that they will really, truly, bring down outrageous costs this time, isn't believable in view of past history.

Today, even the Dallas Morning News gives front page coverage to the truth, that public health care for all works much better than our profit-dominant system. Individual models with real-life experience are headlined for this admission to the truth, leading off with a Texas native who has experienced both.

The American health care model, she says, is too expensive and too insecure. France offers her family good medical treatment, better insurance, more convenience and no worries about how to pay medical bills if her husband's job changes.

"If we were to consider returning to the U.S., health care would be one of my top concerns," the Rice University alum said.

Dallas native Anna Marie Mattson heads the University of Texas alumni group in France (Texas Exes). She's lived in Paris since 1990 and has seen members of her family go through hospitalizations. Mattson says the French model encourages people to put health ahead of economic anxiety.

"Under the U.S. system, I never wanted to get sick, and when I did, I went to the pharmacy to try to find a way to treat myself," she said. "In France, you go to the doctor immediately."

As America seeks a better way to provide medical care, France offers an example of a system where everyone has government-provided, basic health insurance – citizens and immigrants alike. Expenses for such chronic illnesses as cancer, diabetes and multiple sclerosis are covered entirely by the state so patients can focus on treatment rather than financial ruin.

But if France is instructive on health security, it also shows how high, vexing medical bills push government into a constant reform struggle. Lately, the French are taking a page or two from the U.S. playbook to try to cope by exploring managed-care practices.

Too many times, we encounter the basic fact that in order to justify its views, the right wing has to resort to lies. When pundits try to guide what is left of the republican party to life after its recent death, they tend to talk about returning to conservatism from extremism. Conservatism still can be typified as belief in limited government, a mantra that still can bring out good feelings in the business community that ignores its creation of total global economic disaster.

The truth is regaining credibility; sorry, that's what's really happening. The actual failure of right wing ideology has overcome the wingers' ability to deny basic facts we are all facing.

Next, maybe we'll find out that immigration policy isn't just a matter of keeping workplace favoritism for the next door family that for one reason or another can't hold onto a job. When employers are paying the same wage for the same job no matter where the employee comes from, that illegul traffic will be stymied. Making a level playing field will mean support for a living wage, a policy that the right wing can't handle either.

First, thought, we have to deal with the truths about health care. When flyover land media has gotten there, we all may be surprised to see actual solutions to serious, pervasive problems. Calling the public interest, which government is elected and sworn to protect, a socialist furrin invasion, hasn't worked.

We've had the swill. Can we have the real issues with rational solutions now, please?

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