Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yoo Out of the Box

If there's any more sure way to ensure a place in infamy, it should be by hiring John Yoo to write for your birdcage liner. The Philadelphia Enquirer just made that step.

Thanks to John Amato at Crooks & Liars for telling the sad news.

It's true. John Yoo got a job writing for the Philly Inquirer. One of the men responsible of the rotting of our American morals once again is given a prime time job. It's sickening. The conservative movement is so devoid of thinkers that the traditional media is left to hire moral-less scoundrels that found legal jargon to try and justify torture for Cheney's henchmen.
We can do something. If you're up to it, you can write into and voice your complaints about the hiring of this man....Yoo went on to argue that Obama should not appoint an "activist" judge, thus mindlessly repeating the stupid talking point every Republican has used to attack every Democratic judicial nominee (actual or potential) since the dawn of time.

But in Yoo's case, the attack is particularly silly. See, right there at the end of Yoo's column, his bio line notes "He has served as a law clerk to Justice Clarence Thomas." And Yoo has lavished praise upon his former boss. And Clarence Thomas is, by one measure, the single most activist member of the Supreme Court.

No one who has proved so inept in the law should be practicing it, much less teaching it, so perhaps writing about how not to effect the Rule of Law would be a field of his own. We can hope that this is how the new media role will be applied.

Now it's hard to think the NYT was wrong to ditch the Enquirer; unless this is its way of making that more popular with readers.

What better use of tortured logic?

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