Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dealing With The Enemy

There was a campaign for the presidency not so long ago, when now-President Obama was constantly harassed by opponents for his commitment to dealing with the powers that are not friendly to us. Looming particularly large in his sites was the presidency of Iranian Ahmadinejad, who has been loony enough to declare he had a halo on when he spoke at the U.N., and who was ominously claiming the right of his country to own nuclear weapons.

The previous maladministration 'dealt' with Iran by declaring it a member of the Axis of Evil and cutting off the entire nation from any kind of statesmanship. Rightwingers during the campaign expressed indignation that President Obama entertained thoughts of upgrading from that diplomatic failure and acting like a functional adult.

The recent pretense of an election in Iran brought protesters out into the open by declaring a victory for their nutcase, with an obviously manipulated vote. Once again voices on the right shouted that the president should operate at the playground taunt level, and make a lot of noise - although even our wingnuts didn't pretend that that would work out very well with the administration in power in Iran.

Last night on PBS' Newshour, appearing for unknown reasons as the spokesperson of his party, the nutcase Lindsey Graham declared that President Obama was hoping that he would be working with the other nutcase, Ahmadinejad. Graham rather remarkably implied that tactics from the White House were intended to enable that worst case scenario. As usual, the media hostess, Judy
Woodruff, let that slide without any slight attempt to allow factual presentation.

The irresponsibility from the right is hardly unprecedented, and has made this into the disaster for this country that it continues to be. Where there might have been some ability to work with this other, inimical, government before, the previous maladministration isolated the U.S. from it and the rest of the Middle East. Now forces that linger on in D.C. fighting against any functional government want to pit the President against their fellow nutcase in Iran in continuation of the hostilities the previous maladministration felt comfortable with. Just the thing we need, more disastrous posturing.

Commenting at this morning, Roland S. Martin makes the point that these seething critics are displaying their ignorance of history as well as inability to comprehend or to conduct diplomacy.

Critics of President Obama, mostly Republicans, have seethed that he has not been more forceful in ripping the theocratic leadership in Iran for their brutal handling of protesters angry with what they see as a stolen election.

In Tuesday's press conference, the president toughened his talk, saying, "The United States and the international community have been appalled and outraged by the threats, beatings and imprisonments of the last few days."

Still, Obama's measured and calm approach has been right on target, while his critics have been totally off base.
We are seeing a remarkable amount of courage in Iran. The people there are tired of being treated like children, and are putting their lives on the line to demand change in the country.

Instead of inflaming tensions, the United States should continue to issue tempered comments, and allow the people in the streets to drive this issue. This should not become a U.S. vs. Iran discussion.

If the focus remains on those demanding change in the streets of Iran, especially if the beatings and oppression continues -- remember Selma, Alabama, and Bloody Sunday? -- then those who are silent in Iran will be silent no more, and other countries will begin to weigh in on the brutality.

The change we desire in Iran will not happen with a press release or a comment by the president of the United States or even a congressional resolution. We must show support, but from a distance. The United States played a direct role in the mess we see in Iran today. It's best that we shut up and allow Iran to determine Iran's fate.

From what they are shouting, and the way they marshal forces against anything the president attempts to do for this country, once again the wingers are trying to damage the government they don't control, in any way they can. Eight years in power showed what their intentions are, and those are not good.

It's too bad the media will not speak out, too, against the right wing's obvious ill intent toward the U.S. that has rejected their ideology. Such obvious mischief against our best interests should be treated like the hostility to the country that it is.

Maybe the entire rightwing could take a hike down or up the Appalachian Trail - the government would be much improved.

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Blogger AnnPW said...

Maybe the entire rightwing could take a hike down or up the Appalachian Trail - the government would be much improved.

Especially on Nude Hiking Day! I'd sure pay to see that!

12:42 PM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Sorry, but a nude Cronyn would scare the bears and the birds.

3:07 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Cornyn, that is.

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