Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Poetry: Mark Brunke

Artificial Light

Under the sweet desert
the anniversary impulse
is bred into
the soldiers heart...
in time nine beats
for eleven measures
and self dissappears
into the arabian rhythm.

In rhythms and beats the orange
sun rises and violent
its violet edges
say good night
and good morning
to insurgents and surges
of soldiers playing and plying
the dead for mediated
affirmations of each other's

Under yellow sodium
artificial light
death came.
To each with ecstasy, sadness,
passion and numbness;
To each with pain,
and hatred.

Two televisions sit facing
each other, transmitting
in different languages, filling
the air with sounds
mixing together,
playing to an ever
deafening crowd.

Mark Brunke

(Published at Poets Against the War.)


Blogger Karin said...

Oh, what a great poem that is.

8:59 PM  

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