Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Poetry: Jamie Dedes

Other Mothers' Children

In Near Eastern places once held sacred
The sky is bright with rocket glare and
Other mothers’ children stare unseeing
From shattered hovels, no sweet, wet
Baby kisses from blistered lips with songs unsung
No family portraits to dust and treasure, just bodies
Some other mothers’ children rotting in the dust
Frozen moments of horror framed in blood
Limbs cracked and broken, bellies torn
Faces purpled, hearts stopped
Collateral damage, primary pain

--Jamie Dedes

(Published at Poets Against the War.)


Anonymous Jamie Dedes said...

A lovely blog you have here; and, while I am delighted that you enjoyed my poem enough to post it here, it is copyrighted. I would appreciate it if you would put my copyright on it and link it back to my blog:

8:29 PM  

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