Tuesday, April 05, 2011

More Help Needed

Damn! I didn't want to have to come back and plead for more monetary assistance, but I lost my gamble on going without health insurance until I qualified for Medicare. The doctors' offices have been patient. The pharmacies, unfortunately, were not.

In any event, while one kind friend helped with the rent and living expenses last month, my office had to cut my hours even further (it's just not busy enough to justify my existence even as an independent contractor), which put me back in the hole.

It's down to the basics right now: food and shelter for me and the cats.

If you have a few extra dollars and you can throw them my way, I'd appreciate it.

If you can't help our right now monetarily, please throw some energy at the feds to ensure my first Social Security check shows up on April 13.


And regular posting returns tomorrow.



Anonymous Billy B said...

Good luck, my dear.

7:04 AM  

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