Wednesday, April 06, 2011

We Have To Destroy The Village To Save It

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They're not even pretending anymore. The Republicans are finally getting their chance to roll back the safety net provided by FDR and LBJ, and they are doing so with a vengeance. The excuse? We can't afford to take care of our elders, poor, and vulnerable.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Republicans are betting that a high-profile fight over government spending will swing budget-minded voters their way in the 2012 campaign.

But the largest savings in their plan would come from slashing popular programs that cover about 100 million Americans.

The GOP proposal would phase out direct payments to doctors and hospitals under Medicare, scale back the Medicaid program for the poor and disabled, and throw out government insurance subsidies that the new healthcare law is to make available to millions of Americans starting in 2014.

That would force seniors to pay more for their healthcare and would likely make states cut back their Medicaid programs, the Congressional Budget Office concluded. ...

That could mean that senior citizens, the disabled and the poor will pay more, even as Washington pays less.

As one who is about to qualify for Medicare, I am both disgusted and worried. For years now I have been "prepaying" my Medicare premiums via tax deductions, so I am also more than a little resentful that Paul Ryan has decided to wipe all of that and my future security out. What really outrages me, however, is some rather interesting parts of the bill that apparently is going to make the rest of America feel better about his plan:

At the same time, Ryan's plan would permanently extend tax cuts signed into law by President George W. Bush.

It lowers the top tax rate for individuals and businesses from 35% to 25% and simplifies the tax code by eliminating unspecified loopholes, tax breaks and tax brackets.

See, it's all very simple. I, and the rest of the elders, will lose our benefits so that the wealthy can get all of theirs and more. Voila! Budgetary problems solved.

Stinks, don't it?

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