Thursday, December 22, 2011

It Is To Laugh

Now here's an interesting twist on the concept that "freedom isn't free":

Many Occupy L.A. protesters arrested during demonstrations in recent months are being offered a unique chance to avoid court trials: pay $355 to a private company for a lesson in free speech.

Los Angeles Chief Deputy City Atty. William Carter said the city won't press charges against protesters who complete the educational program offered by American Justice Associates. ...

...prosecuting the remaining protesters arrested on lesser charges would unduly burden the city attorney's office, said Trutanich's chief legal advisor, Curt Livesay. The office has seen its budget cut 25% in recent years.
[Emphasis added]

Irony is not dead.

Asking the anti-corporate-greed protesters to pay a private corporation for a lesson on First Amendment rights rather than risk additional jail time for exercising those rights in a peaceful manner is clear evidence that the City Attorney just doesn't get it.

The claim that his office can't afford to prosecute all of those cases because of budgetary problems due to the failure of corporations and their wealthy leaders to pay their fair share of taxes is clear evidence that the City Attorney just doesn't get it.

Lewis Carroll would be so proud.

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Blogger Florence said...

"Lewis Carroll would be so proud."

As would George Orwell.

5:28 AM  
Blogger A Conservative Teacher said...

These Occupy Wall Street protesters need to be educated about their First Amendment rights, notably the long-standing rules regarding time, place, and manner restrictions that exist on one's right to assemble. There are reasonable limits to ones right to assemble and protest, designed to protect the safety of others and make sure that protesters do not infringe on other peoples rights too. We spend ten minutes in my government class going over these long-standing, recognized, and reasonable restrictions- how did these OWS moron's miss that in high school and come away with the idea that they can camp out on public spaces forever, trashing everything in the process? It's absurd!

6:55 AM  

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