Saturday, June 25, 2005


I am a functional illiterate when it comes to working the internets. It took me three tries to actually get a site meter to load, and I'm not even sure why I thought I needed one, except all the cool kids have them, and so...

At any rate, I'm still not up to figuring out how to do a blog roll on this site, so I thought I'd do a series of posts on blogs I do check out on a regular basis. Consider this the first in that ongoing series. Oh, and the listings are not meant to be exhaustive or in any particular order of excellence.

Here are three sites that I go to a lot, especially when the news has been grimmer than usual. I've included a sample of the contents of each blog that I think pretty much characterizes the tone.


Mr. Preznit: I was noticing, I have not seen a "bat signal" against the night sky. I think that would be cool -- don't you think that would be cool General?

General Myers: Um, sure, I guess Mr. President. I suppose I could look into it.

Mr. Preznit: And I'd like it with one of those special extra bright search light things, and make sure its a really bad-ass bat thing, looking real tough. And when it flashes, I'll take the motorcade over, and people will know that George W. President is Batman, not Bruce Wayne.
[with picture]

Dear Leader

But when you go up to a brown guy with a berd and a towel and say are you a terrorist he is gonna say "no way"

So you have to interrigate them which is when you chain them up to the wall and shock their nuts, you would be surprised how many of them brown guys change their mind after a good nut shocking...
[with picture]


Rather than succumb to the demands by the Senate Armed Services committee for answers on Iraq, Donald Rumsfeld took his own life by driving his depleted uranium-tipped index finger into his cranium. [with picture]

Go visit these folks. If you're not in a good mood before the visit, you certainly will be after. Guaranteed.


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