Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Huge Job for Karen

Now that this maladministration has renamed the "Global War on Terror" the "Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism," it's possible the reputation of the United States abroad will begin to improve greatly. Possible, but not likely.

Perhaps we would have a better shot at restoring our reputation if we began actually listening to what other nations have to say about the terrorist violence. Given that Egypt itself has just been the subject of terrorist bombings, one would think that the US would be paying close attention to how that nation is responding to the devastation.

Al Wafd (Egypt) has a suggestion or two that might accomplish more in restoring our national integrity than a mere meme change.

It is apparent, from all of the events that we've been witnessing, that the world has entered a dark tunnel with no end in sight. It is also plain to see that the United States is pushing every nation, even its closest allies, into murky uncharted waters; this due to its oppressive policies and its blatant disregard for international law since it crowned itself the only world superpower. ...

The time has come for the United States to rethink its policies, to respect international authority, and to dismiss those who are followers of the "law of the jungle" and the arrogance of power. And the time has come as well for America's allies to wake up from their slumber before it is too late. The war on terrorism starts with the spreading of justice, with the powerful nations respecting the small ones, and with non intervention in others' affairs.

Think those little tasks are on Karen Hughes' agenda as the new State Department public relations head?

Why, I'm just sure they are.


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