Sunday, December 25, 2005

What the World Sees...

... and what they are saying about the US.

I would imagine that the rest of the world sees the uproar caused by the Resident admitting that he has been spying on Americans "for their own good" as having its humorous side. The hypocrisy of a nation that publishes reports on the state of human rights in other countries while diminishing it in its own is always fun to expose. The Khaleej Times (United Arab Emirates) zeroed in on the hypocrisy in a December 21 editorial.

US VICE President Dick Cheney is always ready to defend the indefensible. Even as the administration is finding it hard to deal with the political storm over domestic spying, Cheney has been bold enough to justify the practice.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the outraged public opinion, the vice president has slammed the previous administrations saying if they had allowed domestic surveillance (or spying on the Americans) September 11 attacks could have been averted.

...It’s absurd to suggest that eavesdropping on its own citizens could have saved America from the terrorists. The Soviet Union collapsed like a house of cards despite the fact that it had turned spying on its own people into an art. America, the nation that was built on the ideals of democracy, freedom and individual rights cannot turn to abominable practices such as surveillance and phone-tapping to protect itself. America’s strength lies in its free spirit and respect for civil liberties.
[Emphasis added]

Once again the Bush regime has exposed the nation to justifiable ridicule by the rest of the world.

Way to go, George.


Blogger One Salient Oversight said...

America sees itself as the light on the hill, a place where the rest of the world looks to for inspiration. Thanks to Bush, this perception is as hollow as ever.

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