Friday, May 12, 2006

Oh, Them Whacked Out Obscenity Spewing Lefty Bloggers!

All we do is whinge and complain in terms unfit for even the basest of company. Our venom is primarily directed to those who would save America from the Islamofascist Jihadist Jesus-Hating Brown People, but it can be diverted at a moment's notice to smother with vile vituperation any pure soul who attempts to educate us in the proper decorum required for civil discourse.

At least that's the meme currently in vogue.

Then there's JurassicPork, a liberal political blog that ties theory to reality. Can JP be shrill? Oh, yes, and quite colorfully. But it is a blog with heart, as this post attests so brilliantly.

Let’s review a day in the life of 71 year-old Lee Sevilla and her little dog Sandy.

Every morning at seven, she wakes up and walks her dog. Then she goes to the bathroom to groom herself. If it’s a work day for the 71 year-old, she goes to work. If not, she’ll drive to Playa and take in a million dollar ocean view. Later, she’ll go to the local library and dabble on her laptop and make prints to order for $60 apiece. At night, she walks Sandy again before retiring for the night.

Sounds idyllic, no? If that fails to tug at your heart strings, then some context is called for. Now let’s play tug-o-war with those heart strings:

Substitute the expected bed with a driver-side bucket seat of a Dodge Neon. You heard me right. She’s been living in one car or another since the Clinton administration, eight years ago this Christmas Day, to be more exact, which was the day the son who’d been putting her up had committed suicide.

Go to JurassicPork and read the entire post. Read it all, including the update on what you can do about this. All JP wants is for a bunch of us to give up two half caf lattes a month and put the coins saved into a paypal account (assuming Ms. Sevilla will permit it) and/or to order some of her prints.

Do. It. Now.

And fuck the conventional wisdom about lefty bloggers.


Blogger karmic_jay said...

What are we becoming as a nation? I will send some $ off via paypal.

6:46 AM  

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