Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Striking Lemon Yellow Pants Suit

Not much aggravates me more than press coverage of a woman elected official, business leader, scientist, etc., which makes it a point to comment on what the woman was wearing at any given moment. It is especially infuriating when a political columnist who has been around long enough to know better does it, as David Broder did in his Washington Post column.

For the better part of an hour, the senator from New York held forth in a disquisition on energy policy that was as overwhelming in its detail as it was ambitious in its reach.

But the buzz in the room was not about her speech -- or her striking appearance in a lemon-yellow pantsuit -- but about the lengthy analysis of the state of her marriage to Bill Clinton that was on the front page of that morning's New York Times.

If Senator Clinton's speech was "as overwhelming in its detail as it was ambitious in its reach," why didn't Mr. Broder spend some time in his column reporting what the speech contained? That isn't as newsworthy as her marriage to the former President?

At least Mr. Broder got one part of it right: the speech was a dandy and is deserving of a close examination. Fortunately, Hecate posted the full text of the speech on her blog.

Hecate, a lawyer who knows a thing or two about energy problems in this country, has done us all a big favor. Go over and read the text.

Do. It. Now.


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