Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Now Here's An Idea

I kept waiting for some member of Congress to snap back at the White House attack dogs over the breach of Americans' privacies via the NSA illegal wire taps, the illegal telecom data mining, and now the (probably) illegal tracking of wire transfers. The current regime claims that such activities are necessary in the Global War On Terra. Wouldn't someone in Congress say, "Oh, yeah? Well, then, prove it!"?

Someone has finally asked a question, although it wasn't quite the question I had hoped for, and it wasn't from a seriously concerned Democrat, and the intention behind the question wasn't as pure as I would have liked. From an article in the NY Times:

Senator Pat Roberts, the chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, asked the director of national intelligence on Tuesday to assess any damage to American counterterrorism efforts caused by the disclosure of secret programs to monitor telephone calls and financial transactions.

Mr. Roberts, Republican of Kansas, singled out The New York Times for an article last week that reported that the government was tracking money transfers handled by a banking consortium based in Belgium. The targeting of the financial data, which includes some Americans' transactions, was also reported Thursday by The Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal.
[Emphasis added]

The Emperor and his minions have led the attack against the NY Times (again) for doing what a free press is supposed to do: inform the people of government actions. Rep. King (New York) has even called for treason proceedings against the reporters, editors and publishers. Senator Roberts is obviously part of this crass attempt to chill any further such articles.

Still, I really would like to see the government's response to Senator Roberts' demand. I'd like to see exactly what damage has been done by alerting the public that the government, allegedly our government (as in "We the People..."), has found yet another way to spy on us.

My guess is that the intelligence folks will decline to answer because that information is just too double super secret and its revelation will surely encourage our enemies and result in an attack on our soil. But now the question has been asked and reported on, so it can't be unasked.

And maybe, just maybe, more Americans will notice the crickets and figure it out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm stuck by the stupidity of congress. Do they not understand that they are being spied on too? Oh well, one day after an election they will turn coats again. Chameleons, that they are.


4:40 AM  
Anonymous Nora said...

Remember, this is the administration that makes a policy of not responding to Congressional demands, that sends people to "testify" before Congress and then refuses to allow them to "testify" under oath.

It's a good question and I would like it answered, too, but I think there's just as much chance of that happening as there is of the sun's rising in the west.

6:21 AM  

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