Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Flip Flop

Well, at least it's nice to know what the latest slogan is going to be. Against a reflective, intelligent candidate that the Democrats had in Kerry, winner of the purple heart against a deserter, flip flop was the theme. It was obviously Rovian, and appealed to the mindset he'd fixated on for the GOP - an anti-intellectual element that didn't like those highbrow types who looked to work things out with an international community, and believed in things like the constitution and Geneva conventions. Quaint, pointy-headed intellectuals that the barroom crowd wanted to see 'Dance' while the sixshooters worked the gravel under their feet. I don't think anyone reading this ever imagined that there were so many out there with such low ideals, or such disdain for their country.

There's the basis for your new slogan. It's being given to you this time, it seems, by CNN - the 'wuss factor'. See the latest 'poll';

Do you believe the Democrats' 'wuss factor' is real?

Yes 47% 25081 votes

No 53% 28836 votes
Total: 53917 votes

Of course, simple honesty will lead you to say, there is a kind of reality in the perception that the lowest forms of life will hone on. There are stereotypes like the 'schoolmarm' image of those somewhat educated souls who came into small towns all over the South and West, educating the children of plain and often rough communities while having practically no intellectual life of their own. There are images like the Audey Murphy soldier, braving enemy fire to keep evil from sweeping across the world. Images like the Southern Colonel, fulminating like Sen. Byrd, grand sweeping gestures and big words, beaten but still holding court.

Then there are the Nixons, the Agnews, the DeLays, the Abramoffs, the Roves, the w's, the Cheneys, the gollums. Hey, if you were like that, you'd look for something to accuse your opposition of, too. You'd need something to divert the attention of those voters who otherwise would see you as a lowering of expectations that they grew up with, their ideals and their country's proud sons. "Flip Flop", "Cut and Run", "Wuss Factor", "Nattering Nabobs of Negativism" - with vituperation you can bring simple minded people to take your side even though you are not going to do anything at all for them or their children.

It's enough to make a proud person turn away in disgust and not want to deal with the stupidity of it all.

Let's get in there and fight. It's GOTV time, folks. If you haven't started yet, you've already missed two days of early voting in Texas, and you're too late to get an absentee ballot. If you want to see this country back on the right track, look at what is in control - and Just Say No. Get to work, folks, please, for my grandkids and yours, if any.

from Ruth


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