Sunday, December 24, 2006

S.M.U. is Kinda Perfect

As most posters have heard, the cretin in chief is conductging a search for where to locate his Library. The honor is pretty dubious, but for now the Dallas Morning News has narrowed it down to Southern Methodist University. This really offends some of my friends in Dallas, who want not to have the dishonor of being home to the Cretinous Library for aeons to come. I a way, I agree. But in view of the history of the Southern Methodist Church, I also like it a bit.

The Methodist Episcopal Church included black churches, and the African Episcopal Methodist Church is a large southern black congregation.

The Southern Methodist Church is a conservative Christian denomination with churches located in the southern part of the United States.

The church was formed in 1940 by conservative members of the former Methodist Episcopal Church, South, which in 1939 had reunited with the Methodist Episcopal Church to form the Methodist Church, nearly 100 years after a split in 1844 as result of divisions over slavery.

This is being very kind. I invite you to attend any church that is denominated Southern Methodist and find a black face. I was born a member of the Methodist church, and even I - who choose to be a Quaker - do not believe that the Southern Methodist Church is any other than The Other Church as opposed to Methodist Episcopalian. This is a white church.

It is fitting that the library of the most anti-generosity president in the history of this country should locate his library in an anti-black church institution.

Sorry, Tena.



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