Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Something's Missing

Pundits, bloggers, and editorialist will spend today parsing last night's State of the Union speech. Every detail, every nuance, every eyeblink will be reviewed. Every policy initiative will be examined from every possible angle.

I wonder how many electrons or ink pots will be expended on what the President didn't mention, didn't even allude to: New Orleans, Katrina and Rita, the Gulf Coast. It's as if that horrible August never happened, or if it did, didn't have long lasting consequences.

As far as I know, the levees haven't been fully repaired, nor has the lower Ninth Ward been rebuilt. The people in Mississippi scored a victory of sorts with one of the major insurers in a settlement which will pour millions into that state to rebuild after Katrina, but the agreement appears to be limited to Mississippi.

The agreement does not apply to New Orleans, where the failure of the levees left much of the city underwater for days. Lawyers and insurers say no similar settlement talks are in progress there.

The second biggest clusterfuck of the Bush regime and not even a head nod in that direction.




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